A supermarket massacre is a tragic event in which a supermarket is attacked by a terrorist organisation.

The supermarket is usually targeted for the purpose of attacking its customers.

However, a few times in the past, the attack has been carried out by someone who has taken advantage of the situation to kill innocent people.

This article tells you how to survive the supermarket massacre.

The incident happened in France in 1996 when a gunman opened fire on a supermarket in the French city of Lyon.

The police had to use tear gas to stop the attack.

The gunman was eventually killed.

It was a rare incident that the authorities managed to contain.

However the incident was a lesson in the need to stay vigilant in the face of such terrorist attacks.

What happened The attackers were armed with knives and machetes.

They also had a Kalashnikov assault rifle, which is known as an automatic rifle.

They killed four people, one of them a policeman, before fleeing the scene.

The man who opened fire at the supermarket was eventually identified as a Muslim named Amedy Coulibaly, who was on trial for his part in the 1995 bombing of the Jewish supermarket in Paris, which killed 13 people.

Coulibaleys mother was also killed in the attack, but she was later found to have been killed in a shootout with police.

What are the symptoms of a supermarket attack?

When a supermarket massacres people, it usually happens in a shopping mall.

It is a common occurrence in Europe, especially in Europe’s northern countries.

When people go to buy food, they are often in a supermarket.

When the supermarket is hit, people can be killed instantly.

They often have to be put in a police van and driven away by police.

There are no medical or security precautions in place in the supermarket.

The attacker may have tried to enter the building before the shooting and, as a result, they may have left behind their belongings, like the hostages or their luggage.

The assailant may have been carrying a backpack or a suitcase with a number of weapons, including an automatic weapon, machete, a knife and a screwdriver.

How to protect yourself In France, the authorities set up a special force, the Special Intervention Division for Specialized Protection and Response, or SQIP, which has been deployed to combat the supermarket attacks.

In the event of a hostage situation, the SQIP officers, who are trained to deal with hostage situations, have to immediately leave the area.

If there is a hostage, the police officer is required to protect the hostage and to try to find him or her.

The hostages can then be taken to the hospital.

If the hostage is found alive, he or she is put in the SQip van and taken to a special police headquarters where they are interrogated and put under house arrest.

The hostage is also released.

How do you stop a supermarket rampage?

The police have been known to respond to such incidents with heavy use of tear gas, which can cause serious burns.

The SQIP is responsible for policing the area, so if there is an incident involving hostages or an attack on a police vehicle, the forces are used to deal quickly and decisively with the perpetrators.

However there is no clear law to stop a terrorist attack.

What do you do if you or a loved one is at risk?

If you or someone you know is at imminent risk of being attacked, you should immediately call 999.

This number is only used in cases where a police officer, a hostage or a hostage-taker is also at risk.

If you are at home, take extra precautions.

Stay inside and close your windows and doors.

If your window or door is not securely closed, the attackers may try to open it and use a screw driver or knife to gain access.

Do not open the window or shut the door if you are not certain the attacker is not inside.

Do NOT use your phone or computer to call 911.

You should not post messages or text messages on social media that may lead to the public release of information about the attack to terrorists or to the media.

Do get help immediately if you suspect you are in imminent danger.

Tell your family and friends.

It’s a good idea to call the police immediately.

Do your research on the Internet and talk to the police.