The United States is on track to be the biggest loser from the latest round of Hurricane Harvey relief.

The hurricane is expected to pass in the middle of next week and be headed toward Florida by Friday.

That’s when we’ll see if it’s still the worst-hit area.

We’ve seen the effects of hurricanes before.

The storm wiped out much of the U.S. economy in 2017.

The U.K. and the Netherlands also saw major disasters.

But the devastation Harvey is going to cause isn’t likely to be a repeat of 2017.

It’s the third major hurricane of 2017 to make landfall in Florida, and the third to hit the state since 2005.

We’re already seeing the impact of Harvey on businesses in Florida and in other areas that have been hit hard by storms before.

For instance, the Florida Keys are the most impacted by Hurricane Irma and the other two hurricanes that made landfall in the region this year.

The hurricanes killed at least 10 people in the Florida Panhandle.