A new ranking of the world’s 100 most expensive groceries is out and it’s no surprise to anyone that most of them are in China.

The list of top 10 is compiled by WalletHub.

China’s 10 most expensive grocery stores are:Crest supermarket in Beijing, China.

Dalian Wanda Shopping Centre, Dalian, China Hangzhou Mall, Hangzhou, ChinaWanda supermarket in Zhengzhou, Guangdong province, ChinaTibetan grocery store in the capital city of Wuhan, ChinaFujian grocery store at the airport in Kunming, ChinaJuan de Armas supermarket in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Puerto Rico supermarket in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the state of Puerto Rico.

Grocery store in China’s capital city, Beijing, according to WalletHub’s report.

Shopping mall in Shanghai, China, according the data.

Hangjian supermarket in Shanghai.

Tibutas supermarket in the eastern city of Hangzhou.

Luxury supermarket in Paris, France.

China’s biggest supermarket chain, Wanda, opened the largest supermarket chain in China in 2004, which has been growing at a rapid pace.

It now has an average annual revenue of about US$3.8 billion.

The Chinese government, however, has cut the store’s revenue by about 30% to reduce the company’s tax burden.

The top 10 most popular grocery stores in China are:Hangjing, Hangjing, ChinaShanghai, ShanghaiShanjingGroceries Shanjia, ShanghaiGuanfang supermarket, ShanghaiJianzhu supermarket, ChinaHengshui supermarket, Hengshu city, Jiangsu, ChinaGuangdong, Guangzhou, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, ZangjiangTibets supermarket, Tibet, TibetTibans supermarket, Tibet, ChinaXiangxi, Xian, Yunnan, Jiangnan, Yunan, Jiangtian, Qinghai, Qingxi