In the next few weeks, Amazon is rolling out a new version of its Alexa-enabled grocery store, called the Echo Spot.

It’ll be available in stores nationwide on September 29th, and the Echo-powered store itself is available to preorder now for $69.99.

The Spot, as it’s known, will let you check out the latest stock and offer recommendations based on your shopping habits.

Amazon has already said that it will offer a free Alexa-based grocery store app in the future, but until that happens, we’ll have to wait for a new update.

It’s unclear whether the Echo will also offer recommendations from the Echo Show, or whether it will be a new service entirely.

Amazon’s Alexa-equipped grocery store The Echo Spot will be available to Amazon shoppers in select cities and states on September 28th, according to Amazon.

We’re not sure whether it’ll be able to be used with other Amazon devices, though.

Amazon already said it’s working with a number of retailers, including Whole Foods, Target, and Costco.

We’ll update this article when we learn more.

The Echo is currently one of the more powerful Echo-based devices, and its Alexa voice command interface makes it easier to use than other Echo-equipped devices.

You can’t use it as a standalone Alexa-accessible shopping app, but the Echo can also act as a smart home hub, allowing you to connect to smart home devices like smart lights, smart thermostats, and other smart devices.

Amazon’s Alexa has been available in the Amazon Echo Show for a few weeks now, but it’s not clear whether the Spot will follow suit.

Amazon hasn’t announced an exact release date for the Spot yet, but Amazon is also working on a more general release, so the Echo might be out sooner than we thought.

Amazon hasn’t revealed a price for the Echo Shop yet, either.

While it will cost about $70, it’ll probably be a lot cheaper than the Echo, which currently retails for $129.99 and is one of Amazon’s pricier Echo-branded devices.

But even at $70 or $70 more, the Echo shop could still be one of our favorite new additions to Amazon’s Echo lineup.

It will likely include a selection of Echo-compatible products, too, including the Echo Home smart speaker, which Amazon said last month would launch this September.