A woman who claims she has been the target of a scam by a Chinese grocery store has posted a video on YouTube detailing her ordeal.

In the video, a woman named Niaqin Wang walks into a store in China’s Hubei Province and shows her card to a sales associate.

The sales associate is a young woman wearing a mask, wearing a black jacket, white shirt and dark pants, with a white belt.

She introduces herself as a member of a Chinese online shopping portal called Fandango.

The sales associate then tells Wang that she can purchase a pack of 25 “beautiful” grocery items.

Wang can’t believe it.

She asks if the item is a “pork tender” and says she can’t find any pork tenderloin in China.

The woman says, “No, it’s a chicken tenderloins.”

Wang says, I don’t want a chicken, because chicken is so expensive in China.

“The sales assistant tells Wang, “Oh my god.

There’s just no way you can get that.

“She tells Wang to go back to the store.

The next day, the woman walks into the Chinese grocery stores again and asks the same sales associate what the items are.

The assistant explains that the items can be bought with cash.

The woman says that the money isn’t there, so she just has to go to the Chinese bank and give it to the sales associate, who then gives Wang a card.

She says that after giving the card to the cashier, she then returns to the bank and asks for another card.

The employee says, there’s no cash, there is no money, so you just have to go home.

Wang says, that’s not how it works, that you can’t get a credit card with the card that’s given to you.

So I had to go through all these steps.

The employee says that’s because you can only use a credit or debit card.

Wang says that they don’t have a debit card either.

She asks, “What kind of credit card do you have?”

The sales assistant says, no, I have a credit and debit card.”

Wang asks, are you telling me you can go to a bank and get a debit?

The sales employee says no, but they can give you a card that is not issued by the bank.

The man says, okay.

I’m not giving you a credit, because the bank is not issuing a credit.

Wong says, then you can just give it back to me?

The man says no.

Wings husband tells Recode that the woman in the video is a friend of his and says that she was the one who had to do all the work for him.

The husband said he contacted the police after receiving the video.

He said that the sales assistant, who was a woman in her 20s, was also the person who made the sales presentation to Wang.

He added that he contacted a local police department to see if there was a crime or any kind of fraud on his part.

Recode contacted the Chinese police for comment, but did not hear back.

In a statement, the Hubeitian police said that they “have not received any information about the woman’s allegations.”