Spokane’s grocery stores and drugstores are already in disarray.

But now the city’s grocery industry is facing a similar fate as other smaller cities in Washington state.

And that’s because the state’s governor, Jay Inslee, has decided to declare a state of emergency in order to get a handle on the citys grocery industry.

In an interview with The American Press, Inslee said that he’s not looking to stop the grocery business, which he said will be affected by the shutdown.

He just wants to “get a handle” on the situation.

“There are going to be more closures,” Inslee told the AP.

“We have to get them all under control.

We’re going to have to be really proactive with our staff, with our community, and with our suppliers.”

State of emergencyThe state of Washington has declared a state.

The emergency includes everything from paying for utilities to paying for food, but only applies to local government employees, and no public employees are allowed to work.

Inslee has not declared a federal emergency.

In the meantime, Inslees emergency proclamation allows him to impose a curfew and ban grocery stores from opening on Sundays, and to order that food and other items not be sold on public holidays.

It also prohibits the sale of certain types of alcohol and the sale and distribution of fireworks.

Inslee says that he will not stop fighting against the city of Spokane’s situation.

But the governor has not ruled out a statewide relief package, which would include a $1.4 billion cash grant to help with grocery sales and a state tax of 10 percent on all purchases.

The grocery businessInslee told reporters that he would be “very happy” if Congress could grant him the emergency powers, but he did not elaborate.

“If we can get a federal grant that would be nice, but I think the federal government can help us do that as well,” he said.

“But I would be very happy to see the governor help us out.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.