An Easter Sunday is usually celebrated in France with a traditional feast of apples, tomatoes, eggs, bacon, potatoes and other delicacies.

But if you’re lucky enough to find the perfect holiday treat in France, you might be able to save some money in France’s grocery store market.

This week, we’ve rounded up the best Easter eggs in France and some of the best deals on Easter treats online.


Apple pie (Marlboro) A classic recipe for the Apple Pie, this sweet dessert is served with cinnamon sugar and a sweet crust.

The only way to get a better price on Apple Pie is to get it from a bakery.

But there are plenty of places that sell it online.

Try the following options: M&Ms : €1.35, Aldi : €0.75, Zagat : €2.50, Tesco : €3.50 2.

Chocolate milk (Loblaw’s) The classic dessert is topped with chocolate milk, but if you can find a place in France that sells this delicacy, you’re probably saving money.

The best deals are on the Loblaw’s website, which has a great selection of French products.

Try these options: Béarnaise : €5.20, Boulangerie : €7.20 3.

Sweet bread pudding (Kellogg’s) If you can’t find a bakery in France to serve you this tasty treat, you can buy it online from the Kettle and Range.

Try this option: Pretzel : €10.80, Macaroni : £1.40, Crème Brûlée : €11.80 4.

Sweet potatoes (Macy’s) These potatoes are a favourite among French families.

If you are looking for a bargain, try the following products: Caramelized onions: €1,29.90, Caramelised carrots: €2,34.50 5.

Sweet chocolate (Kiwi) If there are no other places to buy this sweet treat, it can be bought online from a supermarket chain like Tesco.

Try one of the following: Sweetened condensed milk: €4.50 (1oz), €7 (1.5oz), £2 (1 cup) 6.

Sweetened cream cheese (Lidl) If this treat isn’t available online, you should also try Lidl, the supermarket chain with the largest selection of local products.

You can find it at your local supermarket, like Aldi, B&M, or on their website.


Apple nuggets (Nestlé) This treat is a classic in France.

It comes with an apple, sugar and cinnamon topping and you can even add your own choice of topping.

The cheapest prices are at supermarkets in France like Argos, Lidz and Metro, but you can get it online, at the discount store at Walmart.

Try: Orange sherbet : €4,50, Apple sherbet (Lemonade) : €6,30 8.

Apple sauce (Goya) The sauce for this classic dessert comes in several flavours, like caramelized onions and butter, or the sweet chocolate topping.

There are also many different flavours of chocolate, such as vanilla and chocolate.

Try all the options: Chocolate milk : €12.90 9.

Chocolate buttercream (Lava Chocolate) This buttercream is made with cocoa butter, which is also a favourite in France but not quite as popular as it is in Germany.

Try it: Chocolate sherbet: €11,80, Coffee buttercream: €12,50 10.

Apple jelly (Kraft) The favourite dessert for French kids, the apple jelly is a creamy dessert with sweet apple filling.

It’s not exactly a holiday treat, but it is a great bargain.

Try any of the options below: Apple sauce : €9.90 11.

Apple tart (Keebler) This tart is a dessert made with apple filling, sugar, and chocolate, with the crust of a chocolate cake.

You’ll need to pay more if you want to get the caramelized caramel in the crust.

Try a caramel sauce, which costs more: Chocolate butter : €13.30 12.

Apple buttercream : €14.70 13.

Apple cake (Kebabs) If the crust on this apple cake is a little crunchy, it’s probably a good choice.

Try something else: Chocolate cake : €17.80 14.

Caramel apple (Café du Ville) This apple pie comes in three different flavours: caramelised onions, butter and chocolate filling.

Try each one of these options at the price below: Caramels : €19.20 Caramel : €27.50 15.

Caramal apple (Bacchus) This caramel apple is made by combining the apples with caramel and sugar, with a soft coating of chocolate and vanilla sauce