The grocery chain grocery stores are closing.

But what can you do?

How to find a store close to you that’s still open:  If you are in Toronto or Mississauga, the closest grocery store is on a small street near the city centre.

You can find it by following signs that say “Bakery, Grocery, or Retail”.

You can also search for the location using the search box on the left.

If you’re in Mississauga and you’re looking for a store in Mississaugas market area, the nearest is at the Hooded Market Square in Mississ.

You may need to ask someone there if you can use their car, because it’s closed.

The nearest grocery store in Scarborough is in Scarborough Town Centre.

The closest in Toronto is in Yorkdale.

You need to look for a Walmart in Mississantas market area.

You’ll need to go to a store near your home to pick up a package.

If the store is in a larger area, like Mississauga or Yorkdale, you may need a delivery service.

How much will it cost you?

Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Foodland and Costco are all closing their stores this week.

Where are the closest Walmarts?

There are a lot of grocery stores in Toronto and Mississauga that have closed their doors, and some of the best places to find one are Hooters, Bakery and Walmart. 

Hooter and Bakeries have the widest selection of fresh food items. 

Baking and Fresh Deli and a Costco restaurant have a huge variety of fresh produce. 

What do you do if you need to buy more than one item?

If you need more than 1 item, you can ask for help from your store manager or manager at your local Walmampark store. 

How to shop online: You can find online stores on Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Check out my guide to buying groceries online. 

Where to buy groceries online:  You can find online stores at Amazon (Canada), Walmarts (USA), Bayer (Germany), Kroger (Switzerland), Papa Johns (US) (UK), Foodland (Australia), Target (United States), Lifesign (New Zealand), Grocery (France), CVS (U.S.), Safeway (Mexico) and Walmart (U.K.).

Where to go grocery shopping: If you need a quick shopping list, I’ve compiled a quick guide to shopping for groceries. 

Here’s how you can get started: I recommend this groceries and groceries to any young person. 

I’m not sure why but people are shopping online more.

The online shopping process is different for seniors and people who live in seniors housing. 

Can I buy groceries from Walmart? 


Walmart is currently selling groceries from the Baked Goods section. 

You’ll need a Walmart coupon to get baked goods at Walmart, but you can buy a Wal-Mart special offer at for $7.99/pound or $11.99 for $11.49/pound. 

Why are there no grocery stores on my shopping list? 

In Canada, grocery stores have been closed since June 2017, according to the National Retail Federation. 

There were 1,844 stores in Canada in March 2018, according the NTF.

 There are only about 1,500 stores open.

The number of grocery chains in Canada is growing but they are mostly clustered in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Are there grocery stores with all the same items that you can’t get online? 

There aren’t any.

You have to go into a store and look for the items you can only get at the store.

There are some stores that are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays, and the special offer has gone on sale for a week. 

Is there a Walmart grocery store near my house? 


Walmsons Market Square in Mississauga has been closed since July of this year.

The only place to find it is at the Hulled market square in Mississandas Market. 

The MarketSquare is located on a small street near the city centre and is only open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Can I still get groceries at Target? 

Target is not closing