The Hockey News’ Hockey Central series continues.

Each week we take a look at a different franchise in the NHL, and the team’s fans seem to be in the midst of an amazing season.

The Chicago Blackhawks have won their last eight games, with their record tied for third best in the league.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are playing their best hockey since the Stanley Cup Final, with three consecutive victories.

Chicago’s fans are showing no signs of slowing down, as they’re the only team in the top 20 with more fans per home game than their opponents.

The San Jose Sharks are also the most popular team in this category, with more than 1,300,000 fans in attendance per game.

The NHL has been on a tear since the All-Star Break, with the league leading in attendance and the most sellout games in franchise history.

The number of teams in the standings is a bit more of a mixed bag.

While the Los Angeles Kings are currently in the lead in the Pacific Division with an average of 16,076 fans per game, their attendance has been falling lately.

In fact, the Kings have been averaging around 11,000 per game since the break.

The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs are the only teams in this group that haven’t had a win in the last five games.

The teams have both played six of their last seven games, but the Spurs have lost three of their past five games to fall into a tie with the Kings in the bottom half of the Pacific division.

The Portland Trail Blazers are in the middle of a three-game losing streak, but their attendance is down to 3,848, which is better than the Kings and Spurs, but still below the Lakers and Spurs.

San Jose has the best average attendance in the NBA.

The Sharks average 3,300 fans per contest, which has a huge impact on the overall average attendance.

The average attendance for a home game in the Sharks home arena is 13,869.

The team is averaging 15,566 per game at Levi’s Stadium, which would rank the team third in the League.

The attendance is even higher in the SAP Center, where the Sharks average 16,700 fans per arena.

In total, the Sharks are averaging more than 10,000 people per game per home contest.

The Phoenix Suns are one of the best attendance teams in basketball, averaging 5,500 fans per match.

The Suns have played a total of 14 matches, with a record of 14-5.

The Phoenix Suns have also had their worst home attendance in their history, averaging just over 7,000 at the Rose Garden.

The home crowd at the Garden is also the worst in franchise memory, with just over 1,700 people per match there.

The Golden State Warriors are the top team in attendance with 7,100 fans per league match, according to the NBA’s attendance database.

The Warriors are tied with the Chicago Bulls for the third most fans per team, but they’re also playing at a lower average average attendance than their counterparts in the Western Conference.

The Lakers are tied for second place in the East, averaging 4,600 fans per night.

The Clippers average 7,500 per night, which ranks them third overall in the West.

The Washington Wizards are tied at the top with the Boston Celtics with 8,000-plus fans per ticket, which places them fourth overall.

The Atlanta Hawks are the third best attendance team in basketball with 3,000, but this is still lower than the Warriors.

The Hawks average 5,700 per game in Atlanta, which also ranks them in the lowest in franchise lore.

The Atlanta Hawks also have the lowest average home attendance of any NBA team.

The Houston Rockets are also one of only two teams in NBA history to average over 10,00 fans per season.

This year, the Rockets have averaged 11,500, which means their average home crowd of over 8,400 fans per regular season match.

They’ve also played nine of their 12 regular season matches in the Toyota Center.

This is the third year in a row that the Rockets rank in the Top 20 in home attendance, and they’ll be hoping to repeat their season high attendance of 13,500 in 2016-17.

The Portland Trailblazers are the second most popular franchise in hockey, averaging 6,000 for home games.

Their average home average of 3,100 is the best in franchise annals.

The Trailblazer average 7.5 tickets per game and are the fourth most popular arena in the country.

The club also has the lowest home attendance this season, averaging 7,200 per match, which ranked them in 20th overall.

The Los Angeles Clippers are tied in the Southeast Division with 6,700 for home matches, but rank fifth overall.

This was a disappointing season for the Clippers, who finished last in attendance last year and now sit in eighth place in attendance.

The San Antonio Rampage are the most common team in hockey with 1,200 fans per occasion, according the NBA attendance database