Acme, a grocery store chain that operates more than 5,000 grocery stores across the United States, is shutting down this year, citing declining sales.

The company is expected to file for bankruptcy protection next year.

Acme’s stores have already closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day holiday.

In its bankruptcy filing, Acme said that it expects to make a $200,000 profit on its last day of operations.

The store chain also has planned to shutter a new Acme store in the next few months, according to the Associated Press.

The news comes as grocery store chains nationwide are closing stores and laying off employees.

The Associated Press reported that Walmart is the largest U.S. employer of part-time workers.

Accemes parent company, CVS Health, announced in August that it would be closing more than 1,300 of its stores.

In a statement to CNNMoney, the company said it will begin to close stores on November 1.

In October, Acceme said it would continue to open new stores as the holiday season began.