The Florida Department of Agriculture has identified the six Hyveer grocery stores in the Miami-Dade area as a “priority” for possible food waste.DFA spokesman Scott Fiedler said in a statement Monday that Hyveere stores in Coral Gables, Miami-Ft.

Lauderdale, Miami Gardens, Key Biscayne and West Palm Beach were all listed as “priority waste” for the Florida Department Of Agriculture.

The department’s website says the stores are “not food-related” but “not considered eligible for any other food waste program or state program,” including the Florida Food Bank’s food-distribution program.

Fiedler added that DFA had not yet determined the source of the waste but said that “we are looking into it.”

“We are also asking any other stores in our region to follow suit,” he said.

The stores were previously under investigation for improper storage of food and improper sale of food products, Fiedling said.

According to the DFA, Hyvese stores are not required to use a food waste collection system, but the department has received complaints from consumers about the stores not properly disposing of food.

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