Utah grocery stores will soon have their own Amazon grocery store.

The Utah Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that it has awarded a contract to a company called UTAGroids to build and operate a new grocery warehouse.

The contract includes two warehouses in Salt Lake City and one in Provo.

The Provo warehouse is expected to open later this year.

UTAGros is an Arizona-based company that specializes in developing high-volume warehouses.

It has been building warehouses in the United States and overseas for years.

“The UTAGROids facility is a prime example of our continued commitment to delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our customers and partners,” Utah Governor Gary Herbert said in a statement.

“UTAGroid will have the capability to provide a highly competitive advantage to our customers, our employees and our taxpayers.”

The company said in the announcement that the warehouse will be built on a 5.5 acre site at the intersection of the two Utah cities.

The company plans to open the new store in 2019.

It also said that the new facility will be able to handle up to 4,500 deliveries per day.

“We believe this is an ideal location to begin our commitment to the state of Utah, our state’s agricultural economy and the region as a whole,” UTAGrobots CEO Andrew L. Trenn said in an announcement.

“It’s also a prime location for UTAGroc to begin expanding its presence and offering our products to our existing and prospective customers.”

The Utah governor said in March that the state would spend $400 million to create the new grocery facility, which was originally slated to be a grocery store but has since been renamed.

The UTAGropid contract, which has a four-year option, is valued at $1.2 billion, according to the announcement.