The first official release of Minecraft in the country has just been announced by the makers of the hugely popular game.

The release comes alongside the launch of the first official Minecraft-themed restaurant in India.

According to the official announcement, the restaurant will be located in the town of Travancore and the food will be served at the local eatery.

“We are excited to announce that Travania Pizza will be opening its doors on March 6 and the first pizza will be available to eat.

We will have our own menu and special dishes to offer and we will be welcoming everyone who wants to sample the new Pizza at our newly opened Travanias Pizza Bar,” said Rahul Mehta, the head chef and co-founder of Tlevania Pizza.

The announcement comes after a series of other locales in the world have opened their own Minecraft themed restaurants, including the town in the Netherlands and the city of New York.

The new restaurant in Travannore, India is just one of many in the region, and it comes after the launch in August of the Travana Grill in Bangalore.

In a statement, Mehtan said that the restaurant is not just for tourists, but for everyone.

“The restaurant will serve all kinds of food from our famous pizza, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and other entrees,” he said.

“We are offering a unique menu with new dishes and dishes that are unique to Travanna.

We are also excited to serve the new Travanyas Pizza and we are very happy that the world is starting to see our first Minecraft themed restaurant in the Indian subcontinent.”

The first official food restaurant in Bangalore will serve pizza, chicken and fish and also include vegetarian options.