is one of several local shoe brands expanding its footprint in New York.

In the last few years, the shoe brand has launched several high-profile collaborations with brands such as Adidas, New Balance, and Reebok.

The shoe brand is also expanding its footwear offerings to include high-end footwear.

“Sneakers are the new fashion,” said Mike McBride, founder and CEO of Sneaker Co., a New York-based shoe brand.


understands that we’re the best place in the world to own shoes.”

Sneaking in the City: Sneakers in NYC (Photo: SneakerCo)In addition to expanding its retail stores, Sneakerco.

is launching a new shoe line in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In late June, the brand announced that it had partnered with the iconic brand Levi’s to launch a limited-edition sneaker, the Viva, for men and women.

The shoes are priced at $150 and feature a leather upper, a suede upper, and an outsole made of polyurethane.

Slim-fitting shoes like the Vivo are designed to be comfortable, durable, and supportive for runners and exercisers.

The sneakers have been popular with athletes from high school athletes to professional athletes, but the brand is targeting a broader audience.

“We want to do something for everyone, from running and running apparel to sneakers for women,” McBride said.

New York City Shoes: Sneaks for NYC (Video: SneakCo)The company is also working on shoes for New York residents, as well as an expansion into the city’s subway system.

In the spring, Sneakers announced that its first Manhattan store will open later this year.

The company is hoping to open a new store in the Bronx later this summer.

“We want people to be able to shop anywhere and be able feel comfortable with the products,” McBride said.

“When people feel comfortable in their shoes, they are much more likely to wear them more.”

McBride added that he is looking to expand into Brooklyn, as the city is known for its high rents and low income.

“We’re looking at opening a store in Brooklyn, maybe in Queens,” Mcbride said, “or in the Lower East Side.”

New Yorkers have been making strides in improving their physical fitness.

In 2014, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a $15-per-hour wage hike for workers, including workers who perform housecleaning, and introduced the Healthy City program, which provides incentives for people to exercise and improve their physical health.

The Healthy City initiative was recently expanded to include employees in retail stores.

In addition to a $10 minimum wage hike, New Yorkers will also be required to work in 10-hour shifts at least six days per week.