The package is the most annoying part of the holiday season and it can feel like it’s waiting for you to open it.

If you can, you should put it away, because it’s the worst part of this whole process.

Here’s what you should do when you see an unexpected package.1.

Put the package in a safe place.

There’s nothing worse than waiting in line for hours and waiting to receive a package.2.

Take it home.

If the package was delivered, that’s a big no-no.

It should be taken to the front door or in a designated area and locked.3.

Return it to sender.

Even if the package has been opened and is waiting for a response, return it to the sender.

If it’s not in the box, it may be too late to do so.4.

Wait for a reply.

Don’t panic and go out and do nothing.

Don the package and let the people you care about handle it.5.

Put away the package.

This is important because the sender or whoever sent the package could get angry and try to destroy it.

The same goes for the package itself.

Don´t try to open the package until you get a reply, even if it’s a few days late.

You can’t let someone take it, and they may even think you’re trying to destroy their package.

The person who sent it may also get angry at you for letting them have it.

You may need to help them get their package to the right person.

But remember, it’s up to you to be the one to decide if they should be allowed to have the package, and the person who gave you the package should have to get the package back to you.6.

Get back on the road.

Be patient.

There is no rush and you will have to wait until the next day or two to get your package.

If a package has already been received, you don’t have to return it, so that is an option.7.

Call the police.

If someone is threatening you, you need to call the police if you think they might be armed.

If they’re not, you have to call for assistance.

If no one is available, call the postal service and ask them to send a police officer to the package address.

If nothing happens, call a local police department and ask for help.

If you receive a call from the postal office, you must pick up the package at the nearest post office and deliver it to your home.

You must then wait until they get back to pick it up.

The postal service does not have the right to destroy or return packages, but they are required to get back a parcel for inspection and destruction within a certain period of time.

You need to wait for this period to be over before you can get the parcel back.8.

Ask your local police or emergency responders for help if you have questions.

Police and firefighters are there to respond to emergency situations, and it is their job to help.

If something goes wrong with the delivery of the package or you get into an argument with someone about the delivery, call 911.

It’s their job, too, to protect you and your family.911 is the number to call if you need help, and you should always ask for police.

911 is also the number you should call if your family member or loved one has been injured or killed in an accident.911 does not answer your phone calls or texts and is not accessible from anywhere else in the world.

You might want to dial 911 first and ask to speak with someone there, because there may be an emergency or law enforcement officer nearby who can help.9.

Get a lawyer.

Lawsuits can cost a lot of money and may lead to a restraining order.

If there is a restraining condition on your house, you might want a lawyer who can fight against that condition, or at least be able to defend against it in court.

If this happens, you may be able get the restraining order against the other party revoked, but you should keep in mind that a restraining injunction is temporary.

You cannot have a restraining agreement for more than six months.10.

Report it to authorities.

If an emergency occurs, call police or a local emergency number to report it to local authorities.

You also need to report any other problems with your package to your local authorities as well.

You should always check to see if you’ve reported a problem with the package to a postal office and the police or fire department.11.

Find a replacement package.

Many times, a package is delivered and someone who was expecting it is still waiting for it.

Or, a new package arrives with an unexpected problem.

If that happens, report it immediately to the postal inspector, the fire marshal or the postal agent in charge.

You have the option to file a lawsuit against the person for loss of business and the postal services.12.

Call a lawyer if you want to have a go at a