Small grocery stores across the country have been hit hard by a downturn in retail sales as companies shutter stores or merge with smaller players.

The trend is not unique to Colorado.

It is happening nationwide, said Scott Hulsey, owner of The Bozeman Grocery Company, which is located in the Bozemans.

“There is this big shift going on in the grocery store industry.

Companies are starting to close stores and merge with others, and the grocery chain has been the biggest casualty,” Hulseys store in Bozemen.

“We’ve had to close our doors.

It’s a big change for us, but we’re really doing OK.”

Hulserys store, which opened in the early 2000s, is now a one-man operation, with his wife, Tasha, helping him run the store.

He is now focusing on growing his business.

He said he was able to maintain the store because of the support of local business owners, who were willing to open their doors to help out.

He estimates he has raised $60,000 for his store so far.

Huls, who is a native of Bozems, is the founder of the company and runs it as a small business, but he said his business model is not sustainable.

“I can’t go out and do a lot of the business I do now because I don’t have enough money,” Huls said.

“The cost of doing business is going up and I don.t know what to do.”

In recent years, the grocery industry has been experiencing a severe downturn in sales, especially for the smaller grocery stores.

In 2013, grocery sales dropped 3 per cent nationwide.

“With the recession, it was just hard for people to put food on the table,” HULS said.

HULSON is optimistic that the future of his business will improve.

“People are going to continue to come back, but I think people are going back to what they know.

That’s what keeps me going.

It’ll get better.”

The grocery industry is experiencing a downturn as retailers close stores, merge with larger chains and sell fewer products.

“A lot of these smaller stores have struggled in recent years,” Huluys grocery store manager, Scott Hulin, said.

The grocery store chain’s closure in December 2013 prompted Hulson to sell his business to a different owner, but Hulsen said he will still keep the store open as an independent business.

Huls, who started his business at age 10, said he is confident that the business will thrive once his new owner is able to make the necessary investments to continue operating.

Hulin said he has hired a new manager, and hopes to expand the business in the future.

Huluas grocery store is open seven days a week.

The store’s business is currently run by Hulshans wife, but she has also taken over the grocery business.

“It’s been great,” Hula said.