The Korean grocery chain Kalispell announced plans to open a second store in New Mexico in the fall, the first of three planned for the state.

The Korean grocery giant plans to begin selling groceries in the Kalisplings store in Albuquerque on Oct. 6.

It also announced plans for a third Kalispelings store at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds.

Kalispell plans to build an eight-story building in Albuquerque, which will have 1,000 seats and a rooftop patio.

Kalispelling has a long history in Albuquerque.

The company bought the land in the city’s South Central neighborhood for $200 million in 2006.

Kalipell also plans to expand its grocery store operations to Mexico City, a country that it said had “a very strong economy and a very strong community.”

The company also plans a new Kalispenland, the Albuquerque’s first Korean grocery supermarket.

Kasim said Kalispelled is focused on developing its brands and building its presence in Mexico City.