If you’re buying groceries or shopping online, you might want to check out Walmart’s newest Play Set.

If you don’t already own one, the new model will be available for preorder starting today.

The $59.99 set includes a large, circular shelf, six shelves for storage and four shelves for display, along with an adjustable shelf base.

A $99.99 version will be offered at launch with three more shelves, a removable shelf base and a “more storage space” button.

Walmart has also added a second, smaller, shelf that comes with an attachment for a foam padding attachment and a larger shelf with an “extra storage space.” 

In addition to the larger shelf, Walmart’s Play Set also includes a storage compartment for a refrigerator, a drawers for a large laptop, a shelf for a smaller tablet, a storage bin for a tablet, two storage shelves, and a shelf with a fold-out screen for a smartphone.

There’s also a storage box with three shelves for an iPad and two for a MacBook Air.

Walmart’s new Play Set is available for purchase now on Walmart.com for $59 and is shipping in November. 

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