Los Angeles, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amazon.com today announced the availability of the most comprehensive catalog of groceries available in the San Diego metropolitan area, which includes nearly one-third of the city’s groceries and more than a quarter of its grocery store inventory.

Customers will be able to purchase groceries at more than 20,000 participating grocery stores across the region.

Amazon Prime members will be the first to be able shop for groceries in San Diego at the Amazon.com grocery store in Downtown L.A., the store’s second-largest and largest-retailer in the city.

The online retailer’s flagship stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco have been expanding their grocery offerings as Amazon has become more of a leader in providing products to consumers.

Amazon has also recently introduced its first-ever grocery delivery service in the Los Angeles area, allowing customers to order groceries from its fulfillment centers, which offer a variety of delivery options.

In addition to the grocery stores, Amazon is also expanding its delivery service into the San Francisco Bay Area, expanding its services in Southern California and expanding its distribution to other major markets including the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Pacific Rim.

Customers in San Francisco can shop for food at Amazon’s flagship store in Mission Bay, the store with the largest number of grocery stores in the country, and Amazon’s online grocery delivery program will now be available to customers in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa.

Customer loyalty programs also offer a number of opportunities for customers to save on grocery prices.

For example, customers who sign up for a free 30-day trial to Amazon Prime will receive 20 percent off their Amazon., the company’s free Prime membership program, for a period of one year.

Customers can also purchase Amazon Prime membership for up to two years for a nominal fee, and eligible customers can sign up to Amazon’s free shipping service for up of three years for free.

Amazon customers can also pay with a credit card or debit card for Amazon.co.uk, a savings card that allows them to pay with debit or credit cards.

Amazon Prime members can also get free shipping with orders placed for at least one month by using Amazon.freeshipping, a program that enables customers to receive free shipping for orders placed during the first three months of a 12-month period, with delivery and pickup fees depending on the size of the order.

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Amazon will be providing additional information on the new offerings as it becomes available in Los, San, and Sacramento, CA.

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