New Delhi: A new list of the best Indian restaurants has been released by a food magazine.

The list has come out at the end of February in which restaurants across the country were ranked on various factors.

It was published in the latest edition of The Hindu, which is an Indian newspaper which focuses on food and food culture.

The top three are the restaurants in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad, according to the magazine.

Among them, a number of well-known restaurants have made the list.

These include the two restaurants in New Delhi which have long been seen as some of the most authentic Indian eateries.

Another popular Indian restaurant, the restaurant in Hyderabad known as ‘The Chicken of Hyderabad’, has been ranked number one among Indian restaurants, according the magazine, which was created by a team of journalists and bloggers.

This is a photo of the Chicken of Hyderabad.

The Chicken of New Delhi is number two.