It’s hard to imagine the last time you needed to be so focused on what’s in front of you that you didn’t take time to check your phone, look at the time on your phone and make sure that you were paying attention to what you were doing.

The best grocery stores in Denver have the best workers, and they’re here to stay.

We’re here in Denver, so let’s get right to the top of this list of the top grocery store workers in Denver.

The Denver City Council voted on Thursday to pass an ordinance that will require all employers to include a minimum wage of $15 an hour for workers who make minimum wage or less, according to the Associated Press.

The ordinance goes into effect July 1.

It’s the latest move in a trend that has seen more and more businesses adopt minimum wage and overtime policies, with the city council approving a similar wage hike in 2016.

A recent study found that while the cost of living is generally lower than the U.S. as a whole, many businesses are finding that the increase in workers costs them money, because they have to hire workers to make the extra cash.

In Denver, there are several grocery stores that are hiring at a faster rate than in other places.

There’s the Whole Foods Market at Westlake Mall, which has seen a 40 percent increase in hiring since 2016, and the Coop Market at Market Square Mall, where the increase has been 50 percent.

There are also several other grocery stores where hiring has skyrocketed.

On Thursday, The Denver Post reported that the number of new positions opened for new hires at the Whole Markets has increased by nearly 80 percent since last year, from about 8,000 to almost 10,000.

There have also been more people working at Kroger’s, which also has more openings.

The grocery store chain said it will hire 15,000 people in the next two years, and it’s the most hiring the chain has ever seen.

Kroger also said that it will create 1,400 new jobs at its store in Denver in the coming year.

The Kroger hiring trend has sparked controversy, as well.

Some people have taken to social media to argue that the company has been unfairly firing workers without cause, and others have accused Kroger of creating a hostile work environment.

Krogers owners have also had to take the heat for the company’s handling of the situation.

Krogans CEO Greg Creed told Business Insider in November that he was shocked by the reaction to the company hiring at the stores.

Creed, who has also served as the CEO of Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Saks Fifth Avenue, has been criticized for hiring employees at the companies stores who did not have the proper credentials to work at the restaurants, according a report by the Denver Post.

Creed told the newspaper that he has a long history of hiring people with experience in different roles and is not trying to replace them.

He said that he is looking to hire people who are committed to serving the customers at the store, not just the employees.

Creed added that he did not believe there was a need to fire workers who did a good job.

“We have a great team of people here who have been doing this for years and years, so I don’t think it’s fair to fire people just because they’re in an office,” Creed said.

“There are a lot of good people in there.”

For many people, the hiring of workers at Krogies is a necessity, but some are skeptical that the restaurants should be allowed to do that.

“I don’t like the idea of them just throwing people away just because we’re here,” said one person who worked at a Kroger in Denver for four years.

“That’s just not right.”

Krogys CEO Greg Crece said that the chain is trying to find better employees, but also said he is “absolutely” open to hiring people in areas where they can provide better service.

“The vast majority of our people are wonderful people who just need the chance to be in the community,” Crece told Business Insider.

“They’re here for the right reasons.

They have great families.

They’re committed to helping their customers.”