If you’re not in a rush to buy some groceries in the city this Christmas, you might want to get yourself a few weeks of planning ahead.

The city’s supermarkets have some of the cheapest prices in Australia, according to a new report by The Sydney Morning Herald.

With grocery stores typically priced at $0.65 per item, the cheapest items will be $0,25 per bag and the top 10 will be up to $1.50 per bag.

The cheapest grocery store in Sydney was Wegmans.

The report found that the top 20 Sydney supermarkets were all in the same range, so they all cost the same.

Wegmans is on the top of the list, with the cheapest grocery in the region.

The paper said that while it’s an average price, the supermarket has a “significant discount” on a wide range of items, including some of its most popular items, like chicken and veg.

We can’t buy it all, but it’s really quite good for about $1 per bag,” shopper Tom O’Brien told the paper.”

The best thing about it is it has a large variety of organic vegetables in it, and I think it’s the cheapest place in Sydney that I could buy some of those organic vegetables.

“Another supermarket chain, The Grocery Warehouse, came in at No. 2, followed by Sainsbury’s at No 3, Aldi at No 4 and Woolworths at No 5.

Wegmas is also in the top five, but at No 10.”

They’re not that big of an organisation, but they’ve got a decent selection of the best quality organic vegetables and fruit,” shocher Ben McKeever told the Sydney Morning Star.”

We can definitely buy that for about the same price.

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