Share this article Share This story: Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and Costco’s Prime Membership are the new “big three” for consumers in the U.S. Costco’s membership offer costs $349 a year, but you’ll pay a little more to get a “special offer” with one of the company’s signature perks: a free Costco membership card.

Apple Watch and Apple’s $349 Prime Membership offer cost $249 each, but the Costco card has the ability to get you a free “free” Apple Watch with every purchase you make.

In fact, the company has been testing the Costco membership option for years, and it’s only now getting more popular as consumers have begun to pay more attention to their health and fitness needs. 

A few months ago, Costco announced that its members would be able to purchase a $150 “coupon” for the Apple Apple Watch on July 12, 2016, which included a free Apple Watch.

Apple’s Apple Watch was announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference in April 2016, and the device was officially announced at WWDC in June.

Apple announced the Apple watch on June 12, but Apple Watch’s official launch date hasn’t been announced since.

Costco memberships can be purchased with an Apple Watch for $349, and a “free membership card” that lets you “purchase a special Apple Watch membership for a one-time fee.”

The Costco membership offer is also available to members who are members of Costco Advantage, the Costco’s savings card program. 

“The Costco Apple Watch Membership offers Apple’s first universal digital watch with a full suite of fitness and health features, and is the only subscription program that provides you with a free membership card,” Costco said in a statement to Business Insider.

“This Apple Watch offers a new level of convenience for shoppers with the latest and greatest in Apple technology, making the most of Apple Watch technology, and providing consumers with the highest possible value for their membership dollars,” the statement continued.

“The Apple Watch will be available at participating stores starting July 12 and at Costco retail stores on July 18.”

The Costco membership is a bit of a hybrid.

Costco offers members a $350 discount, which is a $35 savings when compared to a traditional membership, and $250 when compared with a membership card, but they also offer an additional $35 a year in other perks, including a free digital watch and a free annual Costco membership. 

For the time being, Costco members will need to find other ways to save money than with a Costco membership, but as we’ve seen with other retailers, it doesn’t hurt to consider a membership offer if you want to save on your membership.