If you want to buy a bottle of beer or a bowl of noodles, go to a supermarket.

And if you want a snack, go shopping at a supermarket, as does the Israeli army.

Israel’s largest grocery chain has a reputation for being tough on shoplifting, and in recent years it has made changes to deter shoplifting.

In July, Israel’s General Security Service announced a new policy to prevent shoplifting at the country’s supermarkets.

The policy also forbids selling products without proper paperwork.

“We are committed to our customers’ safety, and we are taking the necessary measures to combat this,” the company said in a statement at the time.

“We take this initiative in order to strengthen our reputation as a wholesaler of quality and freshness products.”

Israel’s supermarkets are also required to post signage warning customers about the new rules, and the country has started enforcing them.

A store employee walks through a line of customers at a Safeway supermarket in Tel Aviv.

(Hava Mizrahi/AFP/Getty Images)The new guidelines, which are aimed at reducing shoplifting in Israel, also allow customers to carry bags or even open bottles of water without being stopped.

They also require shoppers to provide ID at checkout.

The supermarket giant’s efforts have already been a success.

In April, a Tel Aviv court ordered Safeway to post a new sign in a store entrance stating that shoplifting is not allowed.

The company has also instituted new measures to curb shoplifting inside its stores, including replacing the old signs with posters and a new one.

A Safeway store employee stands next to a store sign in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

(Aron Shaul/AP)”We’ve implemented new measures that make it easier for customers to find their products at the grocery store,” the firm said.

“This will help us to reduce the number of stolen products.”

A Safeways spokesman said in an email that Safeway is implementing the new signs at a local level and that Safeways is working with local authorities to implement the changes nationwide.

“Our goal is to make the supermarket a safer place for customers,” he said.

The Safeway spokeswoman said the signs are not designed to prevent theft.

But the signs, which read “We don’t steal, we care” and “Stop stealing” along with a QR code, are becoming increasingly common in the supermarket.

In recent months, the supermarket chain has implemented similar measures at its stores in Israel.

Last month, Safeway implemented a similar sign to the one it had posted earlier in the year, and several other large retailers have followed suit.

The new signs have also sparked a social media campaign to educate shoppers about the signs.

“It is the responsibility of every shopkeeper to take the necessary precautions to protect the safety of their customers,” the Safeway statement said.

“I encourage every shopper to read the signs and make sure they have the right ID.”