The Food and Drugs Administration has closed two major grocery stores in the US, forcing other grocery stores to close, according to a statement from the agency.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said in a statement Friday that the stores in New York and Florida had been closed to consumers due to food safety concerns.

The stores were shut down due to a food safety issue in Florida. 

The FSS said the closures were necessary because of a foodborne illness at a grocery store in Miami, Florida.

FSS officials said the illnesses were not caused by the contaminated products, and were not linked to the food.

A second food safety incident occurred at a Florida store on Thursday, the FSS added. 

FSS officials had previously said the Food Safety Inspection Service had shut down the two locations in New Jersey and Florida, but were still in the process of doing so.

The locations in the New Jersey, Florida, and New York areas have been shut down because of the contamination. 

“Food safety remains a top priority for FSS, and we are committed to making it safe for everyone to enjoy the freshest food in our stores,” FSS Director Stephanie R. Davis said in the statement.

“While the majority of the affected stores are in the Florida area, FSS continues to investigate further. 

In a statement, FSI Director Julie Schindler said, “The Food Safety Inspectors and Safety Officers are continuing to investigate a food-borne illness that occurred in one of our locations. 

These are very difficult times for us and we remain fully focused on serving our customers.” 

FSA officials had said earlier this week that the two New Jersey stores would be closed on Saturday and Monday due to an illness that was linked to contaminated produce.