A Chinese grocer that is planning to open its first grocery stores in the U.A.C. campus of the University of Texas will have a big challenge on its hands: the state of Texas.

The Chinese grocery giant Hainan Nong Foods is looking to open at least five new stores in Texas.

The grocery giant has been eyeing the Texas market for months, but it was still looking for a location in Austin and San Antonio.

They recently began talks with a Texas city, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

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The move comes as Hainans government is under pressure to do more to rein in the rampant crime plaguing the state.

The governor and his administration have said the state needs to be more aggressive on enforcing drug laws.

In December, state officials announced that Hainas drug laws had been relaxed by more than a half-million dollars in recent years.

But the Texas Tribune reported that the Hainian Nong group was seeking to expand into Texas by 2020.

Hainan said in a statement that it is committed to being a leader in the Texas marketplace and has been working closely with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Services on a plan to expand its presence in Texas.

“We are excited to be expanding in Texas, which is one of the largest and most innovative economies in the country, and we are committed to building a solid base for our business and providing a quality customer experience in Texas,” the statement read.

The Chronicle has not independently confirmed the report.

The Houston Chronicle, which first reported the news, reported on the announcement on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Texas Attorney General’s Office said that Hanian Nongs business plan to open more than 10 new stores is in the early stages of planning.

The Attorney General Office said the Attorney General would conduct an investigation to determine whether the company is complying with Texas laws regarding the retail sale of illegal drugs.

Hanian also said in its statement that Hanes parent company has not made any changes to its business plans since its announcement.