Mike D”Antoni has told the New York Knicks they are better in the NBA Playoffs than they were the previous year, but they are not better than the Warriors, according to ESPN’s Kevin Pelton.

D’Antonio said the Knicks have a “better team than the team that lost to the Warriors.”

The 76ers, however, lost to Golden State in the first round, and the Warriors will face the Knicks in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Knicks lost to Houston in the regular season.

The Sixers were swept by the Warriors in the playoffs.ESPN’s Pelton reported Thursday that D’Anoni told the Knicks he believes the Knicks will make the playoffs if they beat the 76ers.ESPN also reported Thursday D’Annonio told Pelton that the Knicks are not the only team in the East that can beat Golden State, but it will be a tougher fight.