Polish bakery bakery maker Breckenridges created a cake last week that looks like a cake from the country.

The cake, called “Polish Cake” is made with a sweet cream cheese frosting.

It was posted on Facebook on Saturday and was liked by more than 100 people.

Breckenridings owner Karolina Krol said the cake was created with love and appreciation for Poland and the people there.

Krol said she created the cake to share with Polish-Americans.

She said she’s also hoping the cake will help promote a cause that’s important to her.

Kolk said she started baking the cake with a passion, but she quickly realized it was a challenge to get people to see it in the same way as her husband and children.

She created a series of posters to encourage the people who want to buy the cake.

Breackenridge is owned by a German family.