Queensland grocery stores are getting a major boost from a proposed federal government program.

Key points:The Queensland Government has launched a pilot program to help retailers sell more groceries online and in-storeThere are plans to increase the number of retailers who can sell online and on-siteThe Queensland Department of Agriculture says the pilot program is the start of a nationwide rolloutThe Government says it is also offering incentives to boost food salesA supermarket chain has announced it will open up its first store in Queensland, and has asked its staff to “go to work” to help the state achieve its goal of having more grocery stores in the state by 2020.

Key Points:The Government is launching a pilot project to help Queensland grocery store owners sell more online and online-only groceriesThere are also plans to boost the number who can buy online and at-storeThe Queensland Dept of Agriculture has said the pilot project is the first step in a nationwide push to make Queensland the number one food destination in the country.

“The pilot will give Queenslanders access to a variety of groceries and products that they can purchase from our state’s leading retailers,” the department said in a statement.

“It will help Queensland’s small and medium businesses to sell more to a wider market and ensure that our retailers are able to sell to a larger and more diverse population.”

This pilot will also provide our Queensland retailers with the opportunity to improve their own supply chain and provide greater value to consumers and businesses.

“The pilot, called Food Basics Queensland, will help retailers increase the sales of online and off-site groceries.

The Queensland government has committed to providing $1 million to the state’s Department of Primary Industries, which is responsible for Food Basics, to help it get the program rolling.

In-store sales are a key driver of grocery sales in Queensland.

Last year, the Queensland Government introduced a new pilot program aimed at helping retailers sell online.”

Queensland is the nation’s number one supermarket, with more than 30 million grocery and food items sold every day,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.”

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Department of Finance and the Retail Industry Council of Queensland to further expand this important sector and make Queensland a major food destination for Queenslanders.

“The Queensland State Government will spend up to $1.3 million to help Food Basics grow, including $250,000 to support the state government’s food service development grant program and $1,000 for the Food Basics program to develop the store in the first year.

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