The grocery store where Harvey Harvey killed four people in a devastating hurricane last year and displaced more than 200,000 people in the aftermath has been open since Sept. 30, 2020, when it opened its doors for business.

It’s a story about resilience and innovation and the importance of people working together, according to Harvey’s owner and the company’s founder.

“We are not the biggest company in the world.

We are not going to be the largest in the next couple years,” he said.

“But we are one of the ones that will be the one to make the difference.”

Harvey’s founder, Harvey Harvey, has a vision to become the first big-city supermarket chain that’s been around since World War II, when the nation’s grocery industry was a small business and grocery stores were small-business-owned.

He’s spent his life building businesses and brands and, for a time, had plans to open a chain of supermarkets.

Harvey’s first foray into the grocery business was in 1989, when he opened the first Harvey’s store in the Texas town of Pearland.

It was a humble space with only two shelves, but Harvey’s has become the place people go to shop in the Houston area.

“It was not an ideal store,” Harvey said.

But Harvey, who said he opened Harvey’s in 1988 after graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in business, saw an opportunity.

“The people that were coming in were going to buy what they wanted and they were not going into a store that they had no experience with,” he recalled.

“That opened up a whole world of possibilities.”

Today, Harvey’s offers the same kinds of items at a more affordable price and serves customers from the Texas-Louisiana border, in both Houston and New Orleans.

Harvey says his store has become a destination for people looking for a local food store and has grown into one of Houston’s most successful businesses.

Harvey has sold Harvey’s to Walmart, which he said will continue to offer its own variety of grocery products, including produce, meats and dairy products.

He said Harvey’s now offers products from Walmart that are made in Texas.

Harvey also said he’s planning to open Harvey’s, Harvey, a second store in 2018, where he plans to sell his own products.

“I think this is going to really change the landscape of grocery stores,” he told the Houston Chronicle in a recent interview.

Harvey said he plans on keeping Harvey’s open throughout the summer, adding that he plans also to offer a variety of products to help people buy food.

He also said that, after the hurricane, he started thinking about what he would do with his business after Harvey’s was closed.

“If you’re a small store and you get the chance to be able to close your doors and you can do a little bit of a business and be a little more sustainable, then that’s really going to make a difference in how people will shop and how they will shop,” he added.

“A lot of times, if you have a lot of inventory, it makes it harder for a small-time farmer to survive.

“So, you want more opportunities for that.” “

For Harvey, Harvey and his company have a new lease on life. “

So, you want more opportunities for that.”

For Harvey, Harvey and his company have a new lease on life.

“There’s a lot in my life I haven’t had a chance to really experience yet,” he admitted.

“You never know when you’re going to have a big, big storm and everything is going down.”

For now, he said he and his wife are preparing for the storm and hoping to have the space open for them at the end of the month.

“At this point, I think it’s kind of important to take it slow, because this is a big job that’s gonna happen,” Harvey told the Chronicle.

“Right now, we’re taking it one step at a time.”

For more than a year, Harvey has been working on the Harvey’s remodeling.

His family is hoping the remodeling will help them get back to business.

The new space is also a reminder that Harvey’s is not a place that’s only for those who are on the low end of society.

“When we started this, we knew that Harvey was a business that people could shop at and enjoy, and people could be proud of that,” Harvey’s said in a statement.

“This is not about Harvey being wealthy.

This is about Harvey having the resources to survive a major hurricane and to thrive in a hurricane-ravaged area.

We think it will be a positive thing for everyone.”