Jewel grocery store has sold its cakes for the world to enjoy online, in an unprecedented move that’s sure to cause a stir in the baking world.

Grocery chain The Jewel announced its plans to sell its cakes, pastries and other baked goods online starting in late November.

“We are launching a new chapter in the life of The Jewel brand, offering our customers the opportunity to shop and eat what we bake in our iconic store and shop the products we have in stock,” the chain’s co-founder, Chris Jones, said in a statement.

The Jewel, which was founded in 1881 and now employs around 100 people, has been selling cakes and pastries online for decades.

But the move comes as other companies and retailers have started to offer baked goods to consumers, and the retail giant has been slow to adopt it.

Its latest move follows similar moves by others, including New York City’s Whole Foods and the Chicago-based Kmart, which is also offering baked goods through its online store.

Although some consumers may find the idea of purchasing a product online too tempting, there’s some debate about whether the practice is ethical, and it’s not yet clear whether The Jewel’s move will change minds about whether it’s OK to buy baked goods in stores.

Cakes are typically made from wheat flour, baking powder and water, and are generally a good source of calories and fat.

Baking flour is made from yeast, which helps to make breads, and can be made from rice flour, which can be gluten-free and thus contain no dairy.

There are several different types of flour, including whole-meal, white, white-wheat, brown, and paleo.

Pastries, cakes and other products made from these products are usually made from sugar, oil, and/or eggs.

They typically contain about 50% or more of fat and 40% or less of carbohydrates.

While the vast majority of people are eating healthier and less processed foods, the obesity rate in the UK is increasing and more people are overweight and obese.

A growing number of countries are banning the use of refined grains in the food supply, and baking products are often considered to be part of the solution.

However, some consumers worry that baking products could be made more healthful by incorporating plant-based ingredients into the mix.