Australia’s biggest supermarket chains have been on the receiving end of the latest wave of quakes in recent days, with some reports of extensive damage and the loss of lives.

The biggest casualty has been the iconic Western Australia-based Australian supermarket chain Western Australia Liquor (WAL), which has reported more than 300 injuries since Wednesday, with more than 10 people injured.

A total of 645 people have been treated in hospital with serious injuries, with many of the injuries reported in the eastern city of Perth, with at least 15 patients being taken to Perth Hospital with life-threatening injuries, according to WA Police.

“There’s been a number of casualties and we’ve had some very serious injuries,” WA Police said in a statement.

“We have confirmed a number more injuries, some serious and some less so, in the Perth CBD area.”

The WA Government has taken the unprecedented step of cancelling its annual Good Friday service, in response to the quake.

The state has also shut down all non-essential services for three days, including hospitals, schools, the state’s parks and beaches, and WA’s state government offices.

In the past, the WA Government cancelled its annual state budget with the intention of moving people out of the city and to remote regions of the state, with its move having been widely criticised as a step that could damage the economy.WAL said it is “working closely” with WA Government officials to try and recover from the damage caused by the quake, with the firm providing a temporary emergency shelter to some of its workers and some of the stores in Perth and nearby communities.

Walgreens also said that its shelves in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide were also being affected, with several stores having been evacuated.

The WA Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said that although there have been no fatalities, the State Government has advised the public to be “careful, vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times”.

“The WA police and the WA Ambulance Service are aware of the damage and are assisting in the search for victims,” he said in the statement.

“The emergency services are working to ensure there are no fatalities or serious injuries.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said that the number of people affected by the quakes is expected to increase further.

A major quake in the Western Australia city of Bartlepool has caused the building to collapse, with residents unable to return home, and damage to surrounding properties.ABC News has been following the news of the Bartleport earthquake and has reached out to the WA Police and WA Ambiguity Services for further updates.

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