I love shopping at Walmart.

Its the biggest and best.

However, there are times when you are stuck in traffic, in a crowded grocery store and need to get out of there quickly.

So, how do you get a small fire hose in your car, without damaging your car or hurting your family?

Here are the steps: 1.

You will need to cut the ends off the hose.

Cut the hose about half way and use a screwdriver to remove it.

Once you have it cut, you can just remove the ends and attach it to the back of your car.

You can find this hose at Walmart stores and other Walmart stores.


You need to use a fire extinguisher.

You may need to purchase one of these at Walmart: Walmart’s QuickFire 3-Point Emergency Hose, Walmart’s Fire-Up 2-Point Fire-Resistant Hose (1), Walmart’s Walmart Fireproof 3-point Emergency Housetube, Walmart Fire-Safe 2-point Fire-Proof Fire- Resistant Hoses (1).


Now, get a little bit of fire.

You are going to need a small hose.

Get one that fits into the small of your back, about the size of a pencil eraser.

Make sure it is long enough so that it can reach the end of the hose and it doesn’t block your driveway.

The hose should have a length of about 1.5 feet and a width of about 2 feet.

I find that about half the length of the two-foot length of hose works well.

You don’t want to cut too far so the hose can’t reach the ground.

You also don’t need to tie it down as much.

Just make sure you are not getting caught in the line.

I usually tie it to a branch.

Make the line about 4 feet from the end and 4 feet wide.


Now tie the hose to a piece of plywood.

You want the hose wrapped around the plywood so that you can see it from above.

Make your fire hose to about 2 inches wide and about 1 inch deep.

This is about the width of the end you are going for.

The longer the hose, the more likely it is to catch on a tree limb or fence and get caught.

If it is tied to a tree, make sure that the line is 3 feet from its end.

If you are using a pole or a ladder, tie the line to the top of the pole.

This will make it easier to tie down the hose on your home.


Once the hose is tied, use a piece that is at least 1.75 feet long and 2 inches deep to hang it.

If the hose gets caught, you will want to hang the hose in a dry place.

You could put it on a piece in the basement that is not dry.


If there is no fire, get out.

If a fire is burning, you may need an extinguisher, such as Walmart’s 2-Tone Hose.

I prefer using the Fire-Stop 2-Light Fire-Protect 2-Stick Fire-Pipe Fire-Breathable Hose with a 1.2-ft hose.

I do not recommend using the Walmart Fire Resistant 2-Stop Hose as the 2-ft size is too short and the hose will catch on anything that might catch on it. 7.

Use a fire drill to start a fire.

I like to start fires in the garage and in my garage closet.

You might also want to use some water to start the fire.

It is a good idea to have a fire in your home if you can.

If using the drill, drill about 1/2 inch into the bottom of the plastic hose you cut.

Use the drill and use your hand to drill holes in the plastic.


Next, you need to drill a small hole to fit the hose into.

I use the Walmart’s 5-inch drill bit.

It takes about 1-inch of drill bit, and you can get it at any Walmart store.

The hole needs to be about 1 1/4 inches from the outside of the PVC pipe.


Attach the hose through the hole and tighten the end.

This should hold the hose firmly in place.


Next you will need some water.

Put some water on a towel and tie it tightly.

The water will help keep the hose from getting wet.

I always use a water hose, not a hose with a plug.

The plug can cause problems.

If one of the plugs is on your water, you should have the other one out.

Use caution and be aware that a small amount of water can make your hose too hot.

I have never had a problem with the water.


The next step is to apply a fire retardant.

The best way to do this is to spray water on your car