How to draw the best from your local grocery store cliparts

In a few days, you’ll be able to download your grocery store clips from Cliparthub.This is great news for anyone who’s been wanting to upload their clipart creations to a new website or blog but has no time to make the effort.But it can be an overwhelming experience for people who want to see their […]

Nashville’s grocery store closures, restaurants closing

NASHVILLE, Ariz.— — Nashville’s grocery stores have closed, and restaurants are closing as a result of the Tropical Storm Harvey, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.The NWS said Tropical Storm Isaac was moving toward the Tennessee Gulf Coast at 6:15 p.m.ET.It is expected to strengthen to an average tropical storm strength by Thursday morning, with […]

Australia’s supermarkets have been hit hard by a wave of earthquakes in recent weeks

Australia’s biggest supermarket chains have been on the receiving end of the latest wave of quakes in recent days, with some reports of extensive damage and the loss of lives.The biggest casualty has been the iconic Western Australia-based Australian supermarket chain Western Australia Liquor (WAL), which has reported more than 300 injuries since Wednesday, with […]

How to tell the difference between Harvey’s grocery and Harvey’s Supermarket

The grocery store where Harvey Harvey killed four people in a devastating hurricane last year and displaced more than 200,000 people in the aftermath has been open since Sept. 30, 2020, when it opened its doors for business.It’s a story about resilience and innovation and the importance of people working together, according to Harvey’s owner […]

How a manhunt for a gunman ended in a grocery store shooting in Spokane, WA

A manhunt is underway for a suspect in a shooting at a Pensacola, FL grocery store.The shooting happened on Sunday afternoon.“The suspect is in custody,” said Pensacolas police.A Pensacolt man was arrested Sunday afternoon after he and two other men were found hiding in a storage shed at a Walmart in the parking lot of […]

Texas mom and baby find new homes after losing home to tornado

A mother and her daughter have found new homes in Oklahoma after their home was destroyed by a tornado in the area, authorities said.The tornado touched down about two miles south of Oklahoma City, and damage was extensive, according to the Oklahoma Department of Natural Resources.The mother and daughter were among the approximately 5,000 people […]

A food startup in a shopping mall

Next Big Futures is a food startup that’s based in New York City and operates under the name B&G Food.The company says it’s designed to make it easy for shoppers to get to grocery stores by opening a virtual grocery store inside a shopping center.B&F Food aims to help shoppers find the best products and […]