Shopping for groceries in Queensland: Where to go next

Queensland grocery stores are getting a major boost from a proposed federal government program.Key points:The Queensland Government has launched a pilot program to help retailers sell more groceries online and in-storeThere are plans to increase the number of retailers who can sell online and on-siteThe Queensland Department of Agriculture says the pilot program is the […]

A woman who got a job at a Minneapolis grocery store says she’s ‘terrified’ of the job search

A Minnesota woman who has worked for several years at a Minnesota grocery store said she’s terrified of the search for a new job because her salary has not been enough to cover living expenses.Kathy Wiesenfeld, 43, said she has been a manager at the Minneapolis-based Whole Foods for six years and has earned $80,000 […]

Why you should love and eat a Polish cake

Polish bakery bakery maker Breckenridges created a cake last week that looks like a cake from the country.The cake, called “Polish Cake” is made with a sweet cream cheese frosting.It was posted on Facebook on Saturday and was liked by more than 100 people.Breckenridings owner Karolina Krol said the cake was created with love and […]

How the World is Changing, And What You Need To Know

The future is uncertain for many people, as our planet has shifted from being green to being brown, and from being rich to being poor.But there are a few things you can do today to make sure your world is a better place for everyone.Read moreThe new reality of the world is uncertain.The planet is […]

How the US Food and Drug Administration has shut down two major food companies, forcing the closure of a third

The Food and Drugs Administration has closed two major grocery stores in the US, forcing other grocery stores to close, according to a statement from the agency.The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said in a statement Friday that the stores in New York and Florida had been closed to consumers due to food safety […]

How to get rid of $100 bills

Nantucket Grocery Stores are taking the first steps in trying to eliminate the currency in the nation’s largest city.The Nantasket, a chain of Nantuckets, began selling $100 bill and $20 bill denominations earlier this month in all but the most upscale neighborhoods in the city.That is the first time Nantucks will be offering these denominations […]

How to Choose the Best Grocery Store Workers in Denver

It’s hard to imagine the last time you needed to be so focused on what’s in front of you that you didn’t take time to check your phone, look at the time on your phone and make sure that you were paying attention to what you were doing.The best grocery stores in Denver have the […]