Why is Amazon’s Alexa still on the verge of a massive meltdown?

The US Department of Justice on Monday announced that it has filed charges against Amazon over the shooting of a grocery store employee at the Ace Hardware store in suburban St. Louis, Missouri.In a statement, the DOJ said that the incident that led to the murder of a store employee was “a violent, unprovoked attack.”“The […]

New Walmart stores opening this week in California

New Walmarts are opening across California, with the largest coming online this week. The California-based chain will open stores at 705 Main St., at 2201 N. Main St. in Los Angeles, and at 3455 N. Santa Monica Blvd.in Pasadena.The Los Angeles store will be Walmart’s largest in the United States.In Pasadena, the first Walmart store is […]

Acme grocery stores closes for $1 billion, including $200 million in cash, as store closes for the season

Acme, a grocery store chain that operates more than 5,000 grocery stores across the United States, is shutting down this year, citing declining sales.The company is expected to file for bankruptcy protection next year.Acme’s stores have already closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day holiday.In its bankruptcy filing, Acme said that […]

Woodman’s, Kings, Kingsland’s, Grocery Store to merge

Woodman & Kingsland announced plans Thursday to merge their grocery store operations into one entity, with the combined grocery store moving its headquarters to the new mall.The announcement was made in a statement from Woodman Bros., which will merge with Kingsland Food Mart and Kingsland Home Goods, the grocery stores’ parent company.It will retain its […]