How to eat in Colorado’s grocery stores

In a year that saw Colorado gain ground in the race for the White House, some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry have made major acquisitions and investments in Colorado.In addition to buying the iconic Denver-based American grocery store chain, Kroger Inc. has announced a deal to acquire the Denver-area grocery […]

American grocery stores cashier gets $1 million for making a meme

American grocery chains are celebrating a $1.5 million payout to a man who helped create a meme that helped his customers understand the differences between cashiers.The Irish Examiner reports that James Broughton earned more than $700,000 for his work.Broughson’s “Meme Card Cashier” went viral in February when the company launched a campaign that featured a […]

A new ‘bot’ is coming to the flagstaff grocery store

Flagstaff, New South Wales – Australian grocery chain Grocery Store Robotic will be the first Australian supermarket to open its first Australian store in Australia.The robot will replace the old-fashioned paper checkout system that has run out of paper in the last few years.Grocery store robots have a lifespan of between a few months and […]

How to get the best price on the best Canadian grocery stores

Canada’s grocery store prices are usually among the lowest in the world, but the country has recently seen an influx of Chinese imports, which is raising prices and making the local economy feel even worse.With the Chinese buying a large amount of groceries, the Canadian dollar is falling against the U.S. dollar, making imports more […]