Nashville’s grocery store closures, restaurants closing

NASHVILLE, Ariz.— — Nashville’s grocery stores have closed, and restaurants are closing as a result of the Tropical Storm Harvey, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.The NWS said Tropical Storm Isaac was moving toward the Tennessee Gulf Coast at 6:15 p.m.ET.It is expected to strengthen to an average tropical storm strength by Thursday morning, with […]

Australia’s supermarkets have been hit hard by a wave of earthquakes in recent weeks

Australia’s biggest supermarket chains have been on the receiving end of the latest wave of quakes in recent days, with some reports of extensive damage and the loss of lives.The biggest casualty has been the iconic Western Australia-based Australian supermarket chain Western Australia Liquor (WAL), which has reported more than 300 injuries since Wednesday, with […]

Why we need a robot grocery store

The future of grocery shopping is increasingly dependent on robotics.In the next few years, grocery stores will be forced to operate on a robotic platform, and grocery delivery will be more prevalent in the United States.Robots are increasingly important for many of the most critical functions of a grocery store: delivering fresh groceries, stocking shelves, […]