Why you should love and eat a Polish cake

Polish bakery bakery maker Breckenridges created a cake last week that looks like a cake from the country.The cake, called “Polish Cake” is made with a sweet cream cheese frosting.It was posted on Facebook on Saturday and was liked by more than 100 people.Breckenridings owner Karolina Krol said the cake was created with love and […]

A food startup in a shopping mall

Next Big Futures is a food startup that’s based in New York City and operates under the name B&G Food.The company says it’s designed to make it easy for shoppers to get to grocery stores by opening a virtual grocery store inside a shopping center.B&F Food aims to help shoppers find the best products and […]

How to Find Organic Groceries in the Midwest

Find grocery stores in the middle of nowhere, and you’ll find the best options.This is where organic grocers are thriving.But it’s also where organic farms have been struggling for years.Organic farms have struggled to compete with big box stores, and they’ve struggled to attract customers.The grocery stores that are popping up all over the Midwest […]