How the US Food and Drug Administration has shut down two major food companies, forcing the closure of a third

The Food and Drugs Administration has closed two major grocery stores in the US, forcing other grocery stores to close, according to a statement from the agency.The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said in a statement Friday that the stores in New York and Florida had been closed to consumers due to food safety […]

Brits get cheaper gas in gas price shock

Gas prices across Australia have jumped, and in some places, the gap is widening.The price of a litre of regular gas has dropped from $2.50 to $1.45, and the price of diesel has risen from $1 to $2, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Friday.A litre is about 6.5 litres, or 2.8 litres, according […]

How to get the best price on the best Canadian grocery stores

Canada’s grocery store prices are usually among the lowest in the world, but the country has recently seen an influx of Chinese imports, which is raising prices and making the local economy feel even worse.With the Chinese buying a large amount of groceries, the Canadian dollar is falling against the U.S. dollar, making imports more […]