UK’s biggest cake store is selling its cakes online for the first time

Jewel grocery store has sold its cakes for the world to enjoy online, in an unprecedented move that’s sure to cause a stir in the baking world.Grocery chain The Jewel announced its plans to sell its cakes, pastries and other baked goods online starting in late November.“We are launching a new chapter in the life […]

Why you should love and eat a Polish cake

Polish bakery bakery maker Breckenridges created a cake last week that looks like a cake from the country.The cake, called “Polish Cake” is made with a sweet cream cheese frosting.It was posted on Facebook on Saturday and was liked by more than 100 people.Breckenridings owner Karolina Krol said the cake was created with love and […]

How the World is Changing, And What You Need To Know

The future is uncertain for many people, as our planet has shifted from being green to being brown, and from being rich to being poor.But there are a few things you can do today to make sure your world is a better place for everyone.Read moreThe new reality of the world is uncertain.The planet is […]