Why are grocery stores getting the same prices?

The grocery industry has been trying to find new ways to compete with the rise of online shopping, and it has had some success.But, as The Washington Post’s Kevin Drum recently noted, online grocery shopping has made it much easier for the industry to offer higher prices, which can lead to lower-quality products.One solution the […]

How Kroger grocery stores have a rich history of discounting coupons

Kroger has a rich grocery store history that has been largely forgotten.Today, the discounting giant is looking to revive its grocery store brand.As the number of grocery stores in Israel is steadily declining, the number and size of Kroger’s stores has been declining steadily.Today the company is planning to increase its grocery stores by 10 […]

When to go shopping: the best grocery store deals

You’re shopping for groceries and have a few choices left.What to buy first?Here are our top 10 grocery store coupon deals, as chosen by our readers.1. Walgreens, $14.49 per month for a box of groceries with 1.5% off.2. Target, $11.99 for a carton of groceries for $10.50.3. Bayer, $9.99 per box of organic groceries.4. Macy’s, $10 per box.5. Walmart, $8.49 […]