Why are grocery stores getting the same prices?

The grocery industry has been trying to find new ways to compete with the rise of online shopping, and it has had some success.But, as The Washington Post’s Kevin Drum recently noted, online grocery shopping has made it much easier for the industry to offer higher prices, which can lead to lower-quality products.One solution the […]

How Target Stores in Africa Are Saving Food Prices and Creating More Jobs

By Steve BerningerThe grocery store franchise owner who owns a grocery store in Kenya is also the owner of an organic supermarket in Ethiopia.And so far, he says, it’s working out well.Target has partnered with a local grocery store to open up its first store in the region.The partnership will see the Kenyan store become […]

What you need to know about China’s grocery store franchise, giant grocery store

Chinese grocery stores have become some of the most popular retail locations in the world, but it’s the owners who are the ones who really benefit from the lucrative deals.The big chains like Sainsbury’s, Co-op, and Walmart are in the business to sell their goods and have to compete with each other to grab the […]

Which grocery store receipt is right for you?

A grocery receipt can save you money and improve the efficiency of your food purchase.It allows you to buy the right item at the right price without having to make a trip to a store.But when it comes to the logistics of buying food, there’s not always a single, universally accepted answer.With over 400 different […]