Which US grocery store will become the first vegan?

A vegan grocery store in New York City has gone from a mere idea to a reality.The store, located at the corner of Broadway and 5th Avenue, has been named “The Vegan Grocery Store.”The concept was announced in February.The vegan supermarket will offer vegan options like organic produce and vegan cheeses and drinks.It will also […]

‘Sushi, Kombucha, and Beer for Everyone’: A New York City Shoe Co. Takes on the World

ShoeCo.is one of several local shoe brands expanding its footprint in New York.In the last few years, the shoe brand has launched several high-profile collaborations with brands such as Adidas, New Balance, and Reebok.The shoe brand is also expanding its footwear offerings to include high-end footwear.“Sneakers are the new fashion,” said Mike McBride, founder and […]