How to shop smarter for better savings

With so many grocery stores closing and the number of Australians losing money each month, you might be wondering what to do with all that money you’ve saved.But for most, the answer is simple: shop smarter.In this episode, we look at the top tips for saving more money on your groceries and other items that […]

Benfica, Benfico to close 20% of its stores in 2019, as a response to the impact of the Zika virus

Benficas stores will close in 2019 due to the Zika epidemic, as part of a response against the outbreak.The company said on Wednesday that it had to make a decision on its future in the country, after the number of new cases of the disease surpassed the expected number.It said it planned to close 10% […]

How do you save on groceries? A guide to grocery store closures

The grocery chain grocery stores are closing.But what can you do?How to find a store close to you that’s still open:  If you are in Toronto or Mississauga, the closest grocery store is on a small street near the city centre.You can find it by following signs that say “Bakery, Grocery, or Retail”.You can also […]