Why are grocery stores getting the same prices?

The grocery industry has been trying to find new ways to compete with the rise of online shopping, and it has had some success.But, as The Washington Post’s Kevin Drum recently noted, online grocery shopping has made it much easier for the industry to offer higher prices, which can lead to lower-quality products.One solution the […]

How to shop for cheap, fast food at the grocery store

How to buy cheap fast food in grocery stores in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Texas, as well as the rest of the country.The following is a list of locations where you can find fast food items for under $10.You can find most fast food stores near the freeway, where they are usually open for hours, […]

How to get around Minecraft in India

The first official release of Minecraft in the country has just been announced by the makers of the hugely popular game.The release comes alongside the launch of the first official Minecraft-themed restaurant in India.According to the official announcement, the restaurant will be located in the town of Travancore and the food will be served at […]

American grocery stores cashier gets $1 million for making a meme

American grocery chains are celebrating a $1.5 million payout to a man who helped create a meme that helped his customers understand the differences between cashiers.The Irish Examiner reports that James Broughton earned more than $700,000 for his work.Broughson’s “Meme Card Cashier” went viral in February when the company launched a campaign that featured a […]

Which grocery stores in Spokane will be shut down?

Spokane’s grocery stores and drugstores are already in disarray.But now the city’s grocery industry is facing a similar fate as other smaller cities in Washington state.And that’s because the state’s governor, Jay Inslee, has decided to declare a state of emergency in order to get a handle on the citys grocery industry.In an interview with […]

How to survive a supermarket massacre

A supermarket massacre is a tragic event in which a supermarket is attacked by a terrorist organisation.The supermarket is usually targeted for the purpose of attacking its customers.However, a few times in the past, the attack has been carried out by someone who has taken advantage of the situation to kill innocent people.This article tells […]