How the World is Changing, And What You Need To Know

The future is uncertain for many people, as our planet has shifted from being green to being brown, and from being rich to being poor.But there are a few things you can do today to make sure your world is a better place for everyone.Read moreThe new reality of the world is uncertain.The planet is […]

When will you be able to buy groceries at your local Kohl’s?

A Hawaii grocery store operator says it may be able start selling groceries online in January, even as Kohl´s continues to battle an ongoing food safety scandal.On Thursday, Kohls announced it was launching a pilot program in six cities to test the online grocery delivery system in January.It said the pilot program will allow customers […]

BKG will not be opening a grocery store in the future

BKGC grocery stores are the last remaining retail businesses that will not see the opening of a grocery stores in the state.In a letter to the Kauai County Council on Monday, KAUAG grocery stores said they are not planning to open a store.In a statement, BKGS said they plan to continue their business in Kauai.“We […]