Which is the most expensive grocery store in India?

Grocery stores have become a major source of income for small businesses in India.According to a new study, the top-selling grocery store is a supermarket in Bangalore, with an average price tag of Rs. 2,400 ($45).While other retailers have more expensive prices, they’re all located in the south-eastern city of Bangalore.A study by food research […]

How Kroger grocery stores have a rich history of discounting coupons

Kroger has a rich grocery store history that has been largely forgotten.Today, the discounting giant is looking to revive its grocery store brand.As the number of grocery stores in Israel is steadily declining, the number and size of Kroger’s stores has been declining steadily.Today the company is planning to increase its grocery stores by 10 […]

Kroger’s $5.4bn buyout of grocery retailer Whole Foods will be the biggest in US history

Kroger announced it has bought Whole Foods for $5bn in a deal that also includes the company’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market in Canada.The supermarket chain, which has been struggling to keep up with rising food costs and competitors, is one of the largest grocery retailers in the US.The deal will take Kroger into the […]