How to find cheap groceries in a Philippines grocery store

Filipinos can find cheap grocery stores in major cities and remote areas.Here are some tips to help you navigate the grocery store search.If you are looking for groceries in your home town, head to a supermarket in your hometown.Some markets have grocery stores within walking distance.And, of course, there are a lot of good local […]

Kalispell – The best places to shop for groceries in Tennessee

KALISPOLLO, Tenn.– The grocery store in your front yard is probably stocked with a wide variety of products, but if you’re shopping at the back, you may be surprised to see a handful of specialty items.Here’s what to look for in a Kalispoo grocery store.1.All of the specialty products have a shelf life of about […]

Which Indian restaurant is best?

New Delhi: A new list of the best Indian restaurants has been released by a food magazine.The list has come out at the end of February in which restaurants across the country were ranked on various factors.It was published in the latest edition of The Hindu, which is an Indian newspaper which focuses on food […]

Kroger’s $5.4bn buyout of grocery retailer Whole Foods will be the biggest in US history

Kroger announced it has bought Whole Foods for $5bn in a deal that also includes the company’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market in Canada.The supermarket chain, which has been struggling to keep up with rising food costs and competitors, is one of the largest grocery retailers in the US.The deal will take Kroger into the […]

Chinese grocer to open grocery store in Michigan

The Chinese grocer will open a new grocery store on Michigan’s west side next year, according to a news release issued Tuesday by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.The store will be located at the site of the old China Grocery store at 8th Avenue and Michigan Avenue in Detroit, the department said.“This will be a […]