What’s happening at your grocery store?

What is happening at the grocery store this week?A few retailers have had issues with their supply chain.Here are some of the big stories: •Amazon: The online retailer has had a problem with its supply chain that could affect shipments from Florida and Texas.Some customers may not be able to pick up their groceries because […]

GOP leaders plan to roll back Obama-era rule to protect the environment

Republicans plan to rewrite a regulation intended to protect Americans from mercury and other pollutants from the nation’s largest natural-gas drilling operations, according to a senior GOP lawmaker.GOP leaders plan a rewrite of a rule meant to protect residents from pollutants from fracking operations in a major overhaul of the Obama-crafted Clean Air Act.Republicans have […]

A little girl is a celebrity in the world of football, thanks to her adorable tweet that made headlines

A little boy in Mississippi is a millionaire after his Instagram account garnered more than 50,000 followers after a tweet in which he called his girlfriend a “fat b**tch” earned the attention of ESPN and the rest of the world.Dylan Davis, 16, posted a photo of himself with a white towel on the hood of […]